Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

into the 80s this week

waking up without panic these last couple of weeks has been joyous. it makes the morning crawl by but i'll take it. waking up calm and being able to lounge in bed with my felix for a while before getting up and getting dressed.

doc got a new coffee maker this morning. i've already run a cleaning cycle through it, now i'm waiting for it to cool down so i can make a pot of coffee for myself. not that i'll drink the whole pot, that lesson is learned. but it's the only way i'm going to stay awake to get doc up and give him coffee. i wish i had someone who brought me coffee every day to wake me up. i might be woken up in a better mood. he tries not to wake up grumpy and he's been doing really well with it. he usually asks me how i am and i always try to give him a cheery answer. then he said yesterday he never hears about my good days. clearly there is a communications misfire happening.

we only fought the one time over the weekend and that was over what i would eat. that fight happens often, usually when he chooses something i must eat and it's something i hate. this happens more than you would think. though i always feel better after i eat, even if it's something i hate. i try to widen my palate but there are certain things i've always hated and likely always will. some days, doc chooses one of those foods. again, he's got my best interests at heart, he just goes about it all wrong sometimes.

i can't look at myself in the mirror naked anymore. my ribs stick out and my tummy looks bloated and i have no ass. none. just flat back there. i always had a cute ass, it's like someone deflated it. there's loose skin and there's still flab. better to concentrate on clothes that fit, it's not like i'm going to be walking around nakey.

i didn't rebuzz my head this weekend, i asked doc if he would help and he said i needed to get used to doing it myself. so i'll take that as sanction to keep buzzing my head for a while. i just don't feel like letting it grow in yet.

tomorrow i finally have my dentist appointment to finish my crown. i was supposed to go last thursday, but the crown wasn't in from the lab yet. it came in later that day but i was sleeping and on day one of sick. so i said it worked out well and no, i didn't want to come in that day and i'd see them tuesday. next i have to decide which to do next and when we can afford it.

i hope everyone had a happy halloween. it was quiet here, the kids don't trick or treat in the apartments. i watched a CSI marathon all evening and then top gear late night.

which brings me to a rant, i can't believe history channel is doing their own american version of top gear. the previews look like they have the car testing down, but seemed utterly humorless. and the humor is what makes the show the wondrous thing it is. if history ruins this show, i'll never forgive them.

tomorrow is finally election day, we can put all this ugliness behind us and watch the teapartiers fuck things up for a while instead of the democrats. i'll be only too happy to see the end of the campaign commercials.

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