Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

actually chilly, loving it

last winter, when my hands got cold as i was leaning forward watching tv, i would tuck them into the fat of my belly to keep them warm. can't do that anymore, i just learned. so my hands are cold and i'm trying to heat my fingers on this laptop keypad. and it's working. plus between the laptop and the cat in my lap, my lap is toasty warm. it's going up to 80 this week, so turning on the heat is premature. i can still put socks on. i'm wearing a tshirt and thermal shirt over it. i could also put on some combat pants, they're thick with the pockets and such.

the cat in my lap is stirring. she's too stubborn to get up, though my one arm is leaning on her.

okay, now the cat is gone. felix is off pouting because i wouldn't sit still long enough for him to nap on me.

did anyone see 60 Minutes on sunday? they did a thing on my favorite BBCamerica show, Top Gear. i learned more about the hosts and how the show was originally pretty boring. and i got the skinny on the Stig, they couldn't find a driver who could also talk well enough and finally said why have a talking driver at all. so the Stig is mute. it was a good segment, and long, they didn't just throw in a bit of filler about it.

i'm sucked into a competition show, which i normally don't like. this is finding the lead for the Sound of Music in london. graham norton is hosting it, so it is entertaining. i find it compelling that after they vote a girl off, they make her sing "so long farewell" with the other girls. seems a bit humiliating, but again, entertaining. plus john barrowmore (i think that's his last name) is on it and he is to die for, i always fall for the gay ones.

except for doc. he's almost painfully straight. just look at the way he dresses, it's nice enough and looks good on him, but it screams straight. i need gay men in my life. i should put an ad on craigslist: hag seeks fag . . . or maybe not.

our order from target got here today. i get unders that fit after my shower tonight. hooray! cuz my pants have been falling down and dragging my unders with them, most embarrassing. the rest of the order is two non stick sautee pans and a new backpack for doc. i haven't unpacked it yet. i figured i'd wait until doc got up and let him do it.

tomorrow's my dentist appointment, final crown appointment. then i need to talk to doc about scheduling the same thing over again with a tooth on the other side of my mouth that is hurting me. i haven't needed anything stronger than tylenol to take care of it, but i don't really want to wait until it gets all infected like the other one did. that was unpleasant. i'm so lucky to have a dentist within walking distance that i like. and i don't mind going to the dentist, the drill doesn't bother me after this long and this much work. the only obstacle is the money. i have to wait until we save some up before i get all fixed.

i've had my coffee. it kept me up last night, too. night two without ephedrine. i got to sleep with tylenol pm last night, so i slept long today. tomorrow i can take two trazadone. tonight just one because i have to be up for my appointment tomorrow. i want to get this tooth done and over with.

i'm so over myself today. i'm starting to get sick with random coughing fits and a scratchy throat and stuffed upness. doc brought home sick. i warned him not to but he's a carrier for anything that gets near him. he rarely gets ill. i only had one bad cold last year and i'd like to keep it to that this year, if that.

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