Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the wait is over

maintenance finally came over and ran some stuff through our dishwasher. now the ashtray and smokes can come back out on the table. i don't know if this is a good thing or not. it might make me want to smoke more. but supposedly the dishwasher is fixed. now i just have to have the bug guy in one tuesday. i'm glad i didn't go to sleep, i never would have heard the knock, it was the guy who knocks quietly. felix and chloe were both out, but chloe was asleep on the couch and may not have been noticed. felix was up in our shit so he was noticed and even talked to. he looked so confused, poor kitty. now he's hiding, as is chloe. silly kitties.

i went in to turn off doc's tv and stereo to find he had already done it. it creeps me out when he gets up and does stuff and i can't hear it. which i never can, i can barely hear his alarm clock now. but he's so sneaky, even when he's half asleep. creepy doc. i'll shut the door to use the vacuum and when i go to open it, he already has. but he's in bed and looks asleep soundly, but could be totally awake. it's a wonder he gets any sleep at all.

me? i'm dead to the world when i'm asleep and if he manages to wake me up i am in a bad bad mood. like when he wakes me up at four in the morning because he's let the cat out and felix will only come to me. or usually when he wakes me with the venture brothers, though not today. today i was fine with it. which could be because it was late enough when he turned it on. it's when he turns it on at 8 and doesn't come to bed until ten. i won't begrudge him his sleeping tape, he let me sleep to the fifth element for a year. but when he's not in bed or near bed and it's on, i get feisty.

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