Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

windy and cool

see, we do have seasons in las vegas. they may be mild and short lived (but for summer), but they are real.

that whole eye thing worked itself out around midnight last night. i still don't know what was in there. the hardest part was not rubbing it. just blinking and letting my eyes water.

felix has been all about me the last few days. more than just him following me around, every time i sit back in my chair, he jumps up in my lap and stays there until i kick him off. then when i sit down again he comes right back. if not in my lap or wandering around looking for something to entertain himself, he's asleep at my feet. his clingyness was worrying, i was wondering if he was sick and that was why he was keeping near me, but he seems healthy enough and he's eating and playing and grooming, so i'm not so worried anymore. now i'm just enjoying the attention and affection. that cat is such a blessing in my life. i'm glad M saved him and gave him to me. well, there was little choice in that, felix attached himself to me early on and he has green cat eyes for no one else.

i've been trying to get him used to doc. i put him in doc's lap, encourage doc to give him treats and catnip. they get along, but felix won't come to doc when he calls him. but when felix is running from a fight with tech, he's started running under doc's feet for protection when i'm not around. so that's a good sign. he won't sit on doc's lap for long and usually runs right over to me once he gets up. strange cat. he wants lap time on his terms.

i've been trying to hold onto my last dream when i wake up, but it hasn't been working. bits come back to me during the day, i guess i have too much on my mind when i wake up. even getting up after doc goes to sleep, i'm waking up without the panic session in the mornings. it also lets me sleep in until 11. if i wake up earlier, i will get up and hang out with doc or make him go to bed. depending upon what time it is. it's nice to wake up in the morning and lounge with felix for a few minutes and then get up and on with my day. the one thing i can't seem to stop in the morning is chain smoking. i usually smoke three.

see, now felix is in my lap with my laptop. it doesn't seem to phase him, though it makes typing a wee bit tricky. and he's giving himself a good clean while he's up here. i am a bed and a bath mat. and i am loved.

and now it's time for a cigarette. he's been trying to stay in my lap while i smoke so i have to kick him off, i don't like smoking around the cats, especially when they're in my lap. that's just a big no no.

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