Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

sleepin' with the window open weather

i woke up with something in my eye that i can neither find nor flush out. my eye is perpetually watering. most irritating, and irrigating, too.

last night we ordered pizza and i ended up having only one piece. i guess i'll have more today. doc brought me home a burrito the other morning for breakfast. actually he brought home two and i ate them both. oink oink. and i didn't throw them up or anything. i took the calorie and fat hit because i needed the protein from the beans. i just can't believe i ate them both. so you'd think i could put away more pizza than that. i'll have a piece in a few minutes.

pizza hut's pan pizza is always better the next day. heat it up in the toaster oven and the greasy crust crisps up and it's just dreamy. it's so not good for me. nothing i do is good for me. well, the yogurt and bananas are good for me, but not enough to exist on. as doc keeps pointing out to me. in our frequent eating arguments. like last night's banana incident. i ate the damn banana but i wasn't happy about it. and only after a heated exchange over said banana.

i ordered some new underwear from target. doc was making an order and i caught him in a good mood. i can't wait to have unders that fit again. once again, we didn't dig out the happy meal toys from the storage closet. that gives me another week to figure out how i'm going to photograph them. i guess i'll do them outside on the stairs or the grass.

i'm going to go flush out my eye again. it's taken an hour to write this post, and my shirt is all wet from my eye watering.

have a great week!

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