Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

dare i say? fall has arrived

i had a hard time staying awake last night. now i'm still tired. i'm drinking coffee to perk up a little. i woke up in a near panic and decided to go back to sleep. i woke up an hour later to doc going to bed. that's when i got up. panic gone, though i was still shaking pretty hard. don't know what that was about.

i've been having whacked out dreams that are very real. the kind of things that become part of your memories and eventually you have to question them. conversations with doc and other people that i haven't spoken to in years. things on tv. i can't remember any of them right now, but they're weird.

i lost my scooter privileges before i even got to use them. i should have said "no takesy backsies" but i didn't. i was scared to play with the scooter without supervision, and i won't try to take it out before i play with it and get used to its controls.

i'm on my fourth cup of coffee and i do believe i'm going to throw up. i'll go do that now. too much coffee. eww.

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