Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

the day after the big rain

all went well at my dental appointment. i got up at 8:30 and brushed my teeth and all of that. then i came out and talked to doc briefly. he went to bed and i got ready to go. i thought i was just going in for dental impressions for the new crown today, but he shaved the tooth down and put a temporary crown in and for some reason i'm in a lot of pain. i took half a lortab that i'm waiting to take effect. for the first time in a while i went for a walk without hurting my knee. i need to take smaller steps. which i did today and it seemed to work. i got one twinge, but none of the popping out sensation and pain that goes with it.

owie, my tooth hurts.

last night because it was so wet, doc stayed home. it started out badly with him nit picking at me. i finally told him not to take it out on me if he didn't want to be here. things calmed down from there. we watched a couple hours of firefly episodes.

i can't do anything today, the have the water shut off all day. no rinsing, so no dishes, though i did empty the dishwasher. i can't wet vac. that one's kind of obvious. no litterbox because i can't wash my hands. very frustrating. and still no maintenance. so i'm still waiting for them, too. i can't wait to move out of here, i just hope we are able to do it right and find a better place. a place like this one was when we first moved in.

oh, the lortab is working. relief.

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