Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

back up to 90

an eventful 12 hours. first i did something that was a big mistake. doc got mad at me. that lasted a while. we talked it out.

then i had him shave my head. i've been wanting to do it for a while and now that i've lost weight, i can pull of the look, or so i thought. as doc pointed out, i look like i just escaped a death camp. the pale with the skinny with the garish scar on my upper arm with the peachfuzz head don't combine well. but it is what it is and my hair is now easy to manage, no more tangles or stray hairs on the floor. it's been about three years since i did this, maybe four.

then i went for my root canal today. the first thing the dentist said was that he might have to extract it. this bummed me out no end. but in the end, he was able to save it, got the root out and put a temporary filling in. i go in next monday to get the crown on it. in the meantime it's nothing but soft food for me. that means no western bacon cheeseburgers.

i just showed M my hair, he approved.

felix is pissed at me for going out. he always stands at the door and howls after i leave and gods forbid i get back while he's not in the room. then when he appears, as just now, he sits and meows angrily at me and then goes over and curls up and pouts. he's such a funny cat. he actually scolds me for leaving him. he's good with my mail runs, only howls slightly and gets over it. then i'm back soon. this time i was gone for two hours.

the novacaine is starting to wear off, let the itching commence. my jaw is also very sore. i'll wait until the numb wears off before i take a pain pill. it's time to have some yogurt since the bananas are all old and skeevy. maybe a cup of coffee. i woke in a start at 11, a half an hour before i had to leave. at least this morning's panic had a purpose and helped drive me to get ready. but i'm glad i'm home and it's over and i didn't lose any teeth.

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