Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

not a cloud in the sky

panic free morning. i've been awake since 7 and up since 8:45. doc was up playing on the computer. he came over and talked to me before he went to bed. his voice is so soothing. so i only slept for four hours last night. had i stayed in bed, i would have woken up at ten or eleven all freaked out with doc asleep next to me. i'm definitely glad i got up. sunday tv sucks but i found a mythbusters marathon to keep me busy the next few hours.

i also have a kitchen to clean. it's only half trashed. doc made a mess overnight that i need to clean up, including some dishes. then i'm thinking a grilled cheese sandwich. then i have some laundry to fold.

i have an appointment for a root canal tomorrow at noon. that reminds me i have to get a check from doc for the dentist. i'm looking forward to this, as this tooth has been acting up for a while now and it will be good to quiet it. i'm still taking the antibiotic, i stopped for a couple of days and the infection started to creep back up through my jaw. so i've been faithfully back on it since friday. i've needed to take pain reliever, but no lortab. i'm actually hoarding those. used to be i would find any excuse to take them just for the buzz. now i don't want to. i guess some of that addiction stuff stuck with me.

i'm so tired of political commercials. sharon angle is a freak. but it looks like she's going to win. i can't see either candidate for governor actually being governor. but the commercials, this has been going on for months. since the primaries. that's too long. that's like the way they drag out christmas longer and longer each year. i thought about registering to vote, but i figured why. the republicans are going to win back control of congress and things are going to suck more, longer. and it will make obama completely ineffective. and that's just the way it's going to be for a while. then we start all of this over again in two years with the presidential election, which i expect commercials for any day now.

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