Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

pretty fluffy clouds

i never seem to update once i'm feeling better and the day has gotten on. in spite of three cups of coffee, the panic is gone. i didn't take a diet pill. i didn't take a pain pill, either. now that the infection is going down, it doesn't hurt as much and it's manageable without any pain stuff. i'll save the lortabs for when i need them. not take them recreationally. time has sped up to a tolerable level since the coffee hit me.

i got the cat puke off the couch and vacuumed and got more coffee ready to make, since i drank most of it. doc gets up in an hour or so, or that's when i take his coffee in to him. at least i did something with my day and didn't just sit and sit here.

i did do some sitting, i went into chat for a while to have a cyber birthday party for a couple of people. i don't know how i fit in, i don't gossip anymore. and i find myself in situations with gossip and it makes me uncomfortable. it totally triggers my paranoia. maybe i should tell them that, i don't want to be accepted so badly that i'm willing to make myself miserable over it. i grew out of that a few years ago. and just in time, i was pretty miserable with it, not a good side of me.

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