Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

thunderstorm warning

i guess i can quit whining about rain now.

i went out to get cigarettes and got a look of those skies, then came home to thunderstorm warning on tv and wimped out on the trip to the pharmacy. i don't want to walk any part of two miles in the rain. so i came home and bribed M to take me to the pharmacy when he goes out later this afternoon. if he brings me back, great. if he makes me walk home, the storms will have passed by then and half a ride is better than no ride at all. there wasn't a lot of stress involved with the long walk, i just don't want to get caught in the rain. and i can't find my hat.

i can't get the cobwebs out of my head . . . i need coffee. okay, coffee in, kitchen clean. i feel much better. i've chain smoked like a chimney today. i've stopped now, only the scheduled ones will be smoked. doc wants me to start rolling my own, but has yet to set me up with the stuff to do it. the tobacco shop is open during his sleeping time.

which reminds me, i insisted that he teach me to drive the scooter. he promised he would, but wouldn't let me drive it until i stopped blacking out and fainting. but i stood up for myself. it came up because i called the pharmacy and the scripts had come in and doc was still up and i mentioned that if he were sober (he'd had a nightcap), i'd beg him to go get the meds. but he said he wasn't and that's when i blurted out that i was tired of waiting and he had to teach me the scooter so i could use it during the day. he looked surprised but not upset. it was actually kind of funny.

the storms are passing without leaving us any rain here in my neighborhood. they popped up out of nowhere, more will. it's supposed to be stormy-ish all day and tomorrow, too. i'm still not going for that walk, i'll wait for my ride, thank you very much.

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