Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

80 degrees at 1pm, yay!

it's supposed to get into the 90's today but i don't see it happening. it rained this morning and there are more storms off to the south and west of us. the first thing i was aware of when i woke up this morning was the smell of the rain. it was brilliant.

my infected tooth drained last night. that was unpleasant. i got a mouth full of blood and puss and told doc something was wrong, went into the bathroom and spit and rinsed only to have it happen again. so i pulled my swollen lip down and applied pressure with some tissue. this went on for a bit and then it was over. the pain was intense right after it happened but faded over the next hour. today my face is still sore and swollen, but the tooth itself doesn't hurt a bit. and tomorrow i can call and have these scripts faxed in and then maybe take a walk to the pharmacy. doc says it isn't far.

so i won't be getting my root canal before thursday. i still need the penicillin to get rid of the infection. i can't believe that the neither the assistant nor i checked the dates on the scripts. i never would have left the office, or if i'd even looked at them during the day i could have called and gone back down there. now that it's cooler, i don't mind going for walks. it's getting easier and easier to leave the house.

in fact, when i got up the rent check was sitting waiting for me to take it up to the office. and i went immediately. i just slipped shoes on and left the house. it's easier when i don't have time to think about it. like going to the dentist, i was under a deadline and didn't have time to think, just get ready. that was an easy trip because of it. like i've said before, i can leave the apartment if i really have to. going to the dentist, the pharmacy on monday, those are things i have to do. no one else can do them for me. that imperative drives me from the front door.

the cap i usually wear takes care of the photophobia, but yesterday i didn't wear it, that's why it was a problem. once i'm out of the house i do okay on my journies, getting back i start to feel a little desperation and wanting to get home and fearing it's on fire or one of the cats died or some other tragedy has befallen the apartment. but that's only in the last quarter mile on the way home. i distract myself by counting off a beat to my steps. the mp3 player really helps, too.

the cats were all out playing five minutes ago and now they've all disappeared. i need to train them to entertain me. i feed them, i scoop their litter, all i'm asking is a little entertainment. no one has to dress up in costume, no singing, just a little attention. ooh, there's chloe, i could mess with her, but she's old and i like to let her sleep. i need to find felix.

speaking of "i need", that phrase is not allowed in this house. do you know how hard a habit it is to break? instead of "we need something from the store." i have to say, "we're almost out of blah, can you get some at the store?" and it's hard to remember. especially when i forget everything and "need" is a word that just comes out without me knowing it. i have to slow down and plan what i'm saying.

i haven't started working out yet, surprisingly, i don't have the energy. ok, so it's not that surprising. doc and i talked about it yesterday. his solution, eat more. then we got into a fight over dinner and how i didn't want to eat. i ended up eating two soft boiled eggs. after the mouth drainage incident he said, "you know, had i gotten you pizza or a burger i would be blaming that." which is true. the eggs sucked, i over cooked them and ate them before i really had time to taste them. felix licked the bowl clean, though. i went to the bathroom right after that, i occurred to me that i could have thrown up the eggs and doc wouldn't have known, but that's a road i don't want to go down. so i didn't.

it smells like rain again. i love that smell, it's different out here than it is back east. i think it has to do with the heat of the pavement. i don't know, it just smells stronger and sweeter. maybe it's just that i miss rain so much that i build its attributes up in my mind. there's nothing wrong with giving mother nature her due, even a bit more. and it's supposed to rain on and off through the valley all day. no mention of thunder or lightning. i guess that's because we're in a cool low and there is no hot air to clash and make noise.

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