Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

highs in the 80's, huzzah!

i just got back from the dentist. it at least is in walking distance. at quarter of eleven they asked if i could be there by twelve. i was there and home by 12, with a stop to get some powerade. i need a root canal but my jaw is infected so i have to "cool that down" with some antibiotics. doc will be thrilled to know when he wakes up that he has to go to the pharmacy. if only i could drive the scooter. dumb. his own fault.

so i went out by myself again. the xanax helped. i was already medicated for the day and i am in so much pain i didn't want to wait today. so i went without thinking much about it. i took my mp3 player with me. it takes me four songs to walk down and four songs to walk back. it had rained today so the air smelled sweet. the sun came out on my way home and i couldn't see anything, it was all bright yellow and bright white and red when i closed my eyes. that's the photophobia working on me, a side effect of my antipsychotic. it felt nice, it's rather humid out and the sun dried out the moisture and the breeze kept me cool.

i just hope i didn't miss maintenance. but if someone had knocked at the door, M would have told me. i can't wait forever for them and as soon as this infection is gone, i'm getting the root canal done monday or tuesday. i also got a script for lortab. that's gonna help with the pain a lot. but i want this root canal done and over with. a swollen face is not my idea of fun.

what is my idea of fun is staying here in the coma chair and letting it do it's drowsing magic on me. i cleaned the kitchen. there's coffee for doc when i wake him at five, my afternoon is free. i already called and saw the dentist. i went for a walk. i left the apartment complex under my own power, it's been a day so far and i've only been up for two hours. amazing what things i can get done in what time if i really try.

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