Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i was wrong

not only did doc not intentionally wake me up, he stayed up with me until just now. he unintentionally woke me up at around 8 by putting on the venture brothers tape he made. it never fails to wake me up. i stayed in bed until 9 while he ran the vacuum and made other assorted household noises that told me M had gotten up and left already.

shortly after i got up he shouted at me about something, i wasn't following instructions he was giving me, and set off a panic attack. so i sat here and shook until the xanax i took took hold of me. he apologized about it. we talked about it a bit and it was over. short and simple, no harm done. the panic attack ended and i was able to be comfortable around him. i was even bummed when he went to bed.

i told him that he and his alarm clock were on their own tonight, i had every intention of napping the evening away. i told him i was done with the stress for the week and he could get up on his own. he laughed with me and told me he understood.

so i slipped off my new skinny jeans without undoing the button or zipper. that now puts me at a size 32 mens jeans, which is all i wear. i don't like how chick jeans fit me. i don't like high waisted stuff. at least these i can wear on my hips now. but i'm getting too small. i need to go to the big thrift store up the road. it's a bit more expensive, but the selection is better in the smaller sizes. i wonder where my black satin pants are, they'll be loose on me and likely quite comfortable.

still waiting for maintenance. today is landscaping day so i don't think they'll be here today, it isn't like filmy dishes are an emergency. i'm sure there are people with leaks and a/c issues and such that come ahead of us. i'm zen with that. i just hope they can solve the problem. i thought it was the jet dry because it started when we got a new bottle of it, but it's gone now and the film remains. strange.

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