Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cooler than average

it's 11:16 and unlike the last two nights, i am wide awake. i've been going to bed at midnight, waking me up earlier and making me stay in bed awake longer. i don't like to get up until doc goes to bed because he's all awake and hyper and i'm grumpy and sleepy and usually in a panic. tonight i want to stay up at least until two. later if i can, if i don't get hopelessly bored and go to bed out of the boredom.

the news just fucked up the weather report. i have no more information on tomorrow than i did ten minutes ago. it's going to be cool, 86. right on.

felix keeps trying to talk leeloo into playing with him. he chirps and squeaks at her and takes little running jumps at her and she spurns his every attempt. she's old and grumpy. it's funny how he makes noise at her, though. i wonder if that worked with the dog he was brought up with. he's always been chatty with the other cats and i've never gotten quite why.

my new jeans are my new skinny jeans. and one of the tshirts i bought simply because it looked worn and comfortable turned out to be not well worn but very very comfortable. i haven't tried on the other tshirts yet. one is a promotional shirt from a casino that says "it's all about me" on the front. that one is a bit small and will need stretching. in all it was a good five bucks spent at the thrift store.

my doctor asked how things were going with doc and i told him "better" and he was as encouraged by that as i was. i can't wait to start going back to therapy. my meds have been adjusted, or will be when the new scripts come in the mail. the pristiq was doubled and my sleeper med was changed once again. i hope that works out better, i'm looking forward to the pristiq increase, it should help with the anxiety and depression i feel now, especially the anxiety, which i really need help with which isn't called xanax.

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