Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

and . . . i did it again!

i went to the doctor. it was 78 degrees when i left. made an earlier bus so i had time to go shopping before the appointment. tried on five pair of jeans, chose one pair for the low low price of $2.50, and picked up three tshirts.

then i went to my appointment and found out they're moving their office down to where near doc works. so it will be a two bus trip and there's two routes i can take. doc promised to take me on the rides and help me find the building.

i also ran into doctor ron and told him i wanted to come back to therapy. once they get moved and i know how to get there, i'll start going back to see him. that will put my visits to monthly and my bus rides much more frequent. i did really well today, i got off at the right stop, walked in the right direction, generally had an easy time of it. of course i took two xanax before i even left the house.

i got up at 8:20, i went to bed really early last night. i had my alarm set for 9. i woke up at 7 and just lay in bed for a while. listening to the news for a while and then just the sounds doc made until i got up.

a good day. doc's on his way to work so it's about to get better.

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