Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

tomorrow is the big day

i have my bus fare. i'll try on clothes later and figure out what i'm going to wear. i've already figured out my khakis that kelli gave me. just to decide if i need a belt or not and whether my belt will fit. if it's a yes and a no, then i wear my shorts and debate whether i shave my legs or not. then i have to leave a note for doc about leaving out money for thrifting and his phone so i can have a time piece. i also need to remember to put my water bottle, half full, into the freezer at an angle so i have cold water for the walking i'll have to do. the ice will melt while i'm shopping, but i may be able to get some at the corner gas station.

i'm so nervous i can't stop gritting my teeth. oh, i'll need the bus schedule to be left out, too. oy. there's so much to remember. i'm going to bed early tonight so i can get up while doc is still up and make sure i have everything i need. a note is all well and good, but seeing him and talking to him are much different.

i'll take two xanax with my morning meds instead of one. i've decided not to take my mp3 player, as i just have to take it off on the bus so i can hear the street announcements. though i walk for a while and i'm only on the bus for a little while, so it would make more sense to take the mp3 player with me. again, i think it depends on what i'm going to wear. will it have the appropriate pockets?

it's going to be 100 degrees tomorrow, but that shouldn't happen until later in the afternoon, not earlier while i'm out. i should be home by 3:30. just in time to make coffee and get doc up and out of bed.

gods i'm so nervous. i think another xanax is in my near future.

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