Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

low 90s today

M started cooking in the clean kitchen and it triggered a panic attack. there is something seriously wrong with me. plus i'm freaking out because i have to get doc up for work and he stayed up until noon, which means he's had four hours sleep. i hate these afternoon attacks. i took a xanax and i'm waiting for its soothing effects to take over and calm me. until then i am sitting right here and watching whale wars on animal planet.

once i can get the kitchen clean, i will feel better about things. i don't know why the idea of the kitchen being dirty freaks me out so much, it just does. it's a total OCD thing and i blame kelli and doc. doc for his OCD and kelli for always keeping our kitchen clean and getting me used to it. hee.

felix is fighting with everyone but jack and chloe. i don't know what his deal is. he's so cute, when he starts a fight he can't possibly win, he runs to me and wraps himself around my feet or jumps up in my lap.

tonight is going to suck. bad tv. hour stretching after hour, the day has been like that and i've only been up for four hours. i should explore the on demand feature of my cable, tons of movies and tv shows waiting to be watched at my convenience. i don't take advantage of that like i should. it's free, at least the stuff i watch is.

13 more minutes for doc to get up on his own before i go in and get him up. please let him get up in the next 13 minutes. i don't want to have to get him up. waking him up is stressful enough, even though he laughed the last time. i never know when he's going to go rogue grumpy on me. i never ever want him to be cross with me and i go out of my way to make that so. but wake up time is grumpy time and i'm the target. i guess i should take heart he was laughing last time and not worry so much about this time. just typing that out made me feel better, or maybe that's the xanax kicking in.

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