Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

dew point 50

better chance of rain tomorrow, riiiiiggghhhhhhhhhht.

i woke up in a panic again. thinking i had to get up immediately because doc was not in bed where he should have been. i finally figured out he was there and tried to lay down again until i calmed down. felix did his catly duty and came up to my face and purred at me. once i got up my water bottle had been washed and was hidden under a towel which caused me some consternation. now i'm sitting here trying to distract myself with chat and writing in here.

it's working. i'm slowly winding down. trying to reach normal. or what is normal for me. some sort of equilibrium. get that horizon meter back to level. i feel like breaking into song, but i don't know which song to break into. i don't think i even know the one i want to break into. maybe just some jazz hands will make me feel better. nope, made me laugh though. i'm glad there's no one around to see me. i hear doc coughing in his sleep.

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