Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

cool down next week

if the weather people aren't making it up. there will be a 7 to 10 degree cool down next week, taking us out of the triple digits for a couple of days. and the lie of a chance of thundershowers on thursday. that i'm convinced that they are just making up.

i'm in a bleh mood today. again, i just want to sleep. curl up on the couch, cuddle with felix and go to sleep. sounds divine. but i won't be doing that. i'll be staying up and getting coffee ready and trying desperately to distract myself from my off mood. at least the xanax helped with the panic. i woke up this morning in a true panic, the tv too loud. i got up and dressed, concerned that doc wasn't in bed yet. i came out here to the living room and he was passed out in the chair so i sent him to bed. i have no idea how late he stayed up. we'll see how he gets up today.

it's been easier to get him up since i told him that the whole process of waking him up was very stressful on me. now i take him coffee and he gets up eventually with the alarm.

i just realized that my jewelry will fit again. i should play in my jewelry box today and see what i can find. i miss my rings and those are what will fit now. cool.

i know it took me months to lose this weight, but i just noticed it suddenly. i had a few clews along the way when i thought it was coming off, but i'd had so many false starts and stops and yo yos that i didn't think much of it. of course i've now taken the time to properly look at myself in the mirror and i don't look very healthy. i need to work out. so that's what i plan to fill my time with.

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