Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


the cat that M rescued that attached itself to me is now my favorite cat of all time. he sleeps with me at night, naps with me when i nap, and stays near me all day. he follows me around like a dog and when i go out to get the mail, he meows at the door until i come back. doc took some pictures while i slept of felix curled up on the backs of my legs with his head leaning against my tush. i may post one of those in the next couple of days. they are so cute. and when i wake up in the morning and he's on my legs and i want to roll over, i just get his attention and he comes up to my face and lays down. he mews at me every time he walks by me. i love this cat.

and in the beginning i was thinking he would have to go to a shelter because he wouldn't eat or use the litter box. i never thought he would be adjusted enough to live here, let alone being as well adjusted as he is, with his own place in the middle of the pecking order and friendly games of pounce with the other cats.

i don't think he remembers much of his old life. if he does, i don't think he misses it. he's much loved and more spoiled here than he would be anywhere else. plus he used to live with a dog and he doesn't have to deal with that here.

he just lay down on my foot. i am his big. he owns my heart.

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