Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

chance of showers

this day started too early once again. and on a sunday. now doc is up and i'm having a panic attack over it for some reason. i'm trying to calm myself down without a xanax. i was in chat but i was outnumbered by people from the UK and i couldn't follow what they were talking about. so now i'm writing here.

doc keeps looking out the window to check and see if the scooter is still there. even though it's locked up. i can understand his paranoia, he hasn't even gotten to take it to work yet. today he'll get to do that. he can leave his bike and bus pass behind. well, the bus pass expired the day after he bought the scooter. but anyway, he didn't have to spend money on another. and he doesn't have to bike to and from work. and he should be out practicing on the scooter instead of watching season three of Dexter, but i'm not going to tell him that.

felix got out yesterday. doc insists felix jumped off the balcony, i believe felix snuck out the door while doc was taking recyclables out. when M got home felix was at the bottom of the stairs meowing at him. felix seemed glad to be back inside. it was hot out there yesterday. today it's totally mild. it's already two and it hasn't reached 90 degrees yet. it rained overnight and that broke the heat, however briefly.

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