Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

mild and humid

by mild i mean in the 90s and by humid i mean 30%. not too shabby. high humidity for us, but not nearly as bad as back east.

i feel pretty good today. doc was asleep when i woke up. i lay in bed breathing slowly for a while, petting felix. then i got up and watched star trek tng. i've cleaned up the kitchen and that's about it. i have to wake doc up in nearly an hour. then he works tonight.

last night we watched "the invention of lying". it was a cute movie, i love ricky gervais so much. there were so many holes in the logic of it but they made it work and kept it light.

the night before, we went up to the pool. it was empty and glorious. i wish they'd keep the hot tub hotter, but other than that it was magnificent. i swam three laps and then floated around looking at the stars through cloudy night haze. i only need a few minutes of that to make me totally relaxed. then a few minutes meditation in the hot tub and i'm ready to go back home for another week.

i think i hear doc waking up. the grumpy monster arises . . . hee, no, he usually tries to wake up with a smile. i don't blame him for being grumpy, i'm grumpy when i first wake up, too. and he's usually up and wired, just like i am when he gets up. we only sync up on his weekends. i'm managing my symptoms on my own pretty well and when he stays home from work on nights he should go in, it just makes me nervous all night. mainly because i've been fighting the 45 minute rule on my smoking. half a cigarette every 45 minutes. less than a pack a day. i'm starting to give in to it, so that nervousness should go away.

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