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so i went to bed at one. like my last post said. i fell asleep about a half an hour later. then i woke up at 8 and lay in bed until 9:30. i couldn't tell you what all happened the past four hours. i know doc went out to the store. he stayed up until after noon. i was nervous around him all morning, don't know why. i think he makes me nervous because he keeps me on a smoking schedule i don't like and i know i'm being watched. i'm always waiting for him to point out something i did wrong. i have a real sucky persecution complex. and he's not that rough on me anymore.

i need to go back to therapy. but that brings up riding the bus once a month to the doctor's office. and that's if my therapist has room to take me back. it's been a year since i was in therapy. i don't know if it was helping but i know that not going isn't helping at all. maybe that's a phone call i'll make later this week and check on things.

doc has decided to buy a scooter for getting to work. he wants me to learn to drive it, too. i don't know how i feel about that, though it would be cool to be mobile and would make getting to doctor's appointments much less stressful. if i learned how to drive it, i could use it during the day while doc sleeps. i can't wait.

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