Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

good morning sunshine

i had a total of three hours sleep and i'm wide awake. doc works today so i can't nap until he's up and out of the house. i would hate to sleep through his wake up time and be responsible for him being late to work. not that it's a problem. i'm up.

he took me to the pool last night around 1:30 and let me stay as long as i wanted, which wasn't all that long. a couple of laps, some time in the hot tub and i was ready to come home. the nicest part is that it was empty.

remember when i mentioned i thought i was losing weight? i was right. i've lost a bunch of weight. my bras are all too big and my clothes are even bigger than before. doc noticed it the other night, and again the night before last. he's lost weight too, but it's no wonder, he takes his bike to work. now i have to start working out because i have a lot of loose skin that's making me seem fat, to me.

i had doc kill two big spiders today. he wanted me to vacuum the webs from behind the front door and i went to check it out and found two spiders, which i wanted dead before i went over there poking around. he is not the most adept spider killer, but he got the job done and saved me from certain creepout which would have occurred when the spiders ran away. now they're not running anywhere. can't take bugs in my home.

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