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did i mention i was bored?

i haven't been remembering my dreams since starting my sleep medication. this isn't really a problem, as my dreams were either scary or boring, it's just something i noticed when someone was talking about dreams the other day. i guess it's because i don't wake up during the night anymore. i used to wake up every hour and a half or so. so much of my waking time is spent in a dissociative state that i wouldn't be able to tell dreams from reality anyway. it's all really just a haze to me.

it's hot in here, is it hot in here to you? yes, it's over 82 degrees, it's hot in here. a bit of a/c and everything should be fine. now to hope it cools down before doc wakes up from whatever little nap he's taking. he doesn't wake up well in hot. neither do i. nothing puts me in a worse mood than to wake up hot. and sticky. i had the chills all day so i ended up turning up the a/c and curling up in a blanket on the couch. it was only 109 out while i was all balled up. i don't know what was going on. i slept for about six hours, which is really unusual for me.

doc ordered pizza while i slept. i had a piece. he also got cheesy bread sticks and i had one of those. and only because he told me to eat. and i do what i'm told, mostly. he's the only one who ever tells me to do anything.

my blanket is balled up on the dark couch and i keep seeing it out of the corner of my eye and thinking it's my cat, leeloo. and i find this strange for the instant because leeloo does not sleep on the couch. i need to move that blanket.

i've run out of tv shows to watch, it's time to put on a DVD or watch on demand or something. i don't want to go to bed until doc gets up and i'm nowhere near tired yet. the light is on in this corner of the room, maybe i'll read a little bit. but i really have to go because rachel ray is on and her voice is making my ears bleed.

have a great weekend! please?

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