Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

but . . .

nothing really to update. i haven't done anything today. doc's alarm has been going off every 9 minutes for the past hour and it's giving me fits. i even went in and asked him if he wanted to get up and he said no and i asked then if he wanted his alarm turned off and he said no again. so i wandered out of the bedroom and finished watching malcom in the middle.

i don't know what's up with the recent poetry. i'm just happy to be inspired enough to write again. i do know what's up with the posting of it, i can't get my journal and pen out fast enough when the ideas hit me, but i can get to this in time. i haven't even gone back to read any of them. i think there's been three or four in the past couple of months. like i said, i'm just happy that i'm writing again. i'm letting myself feel passion about what is going on. i'm letting myself be connected and feel, period. i've had it all turned off that i forgot what i was missing. when i'm writing my mixed metaphors and vaguely repeating poetry, i feel what i'm writing. i'm in the moment, if only for that moment. and i'm completely raw and open. maybe that's why i don't go back and read it later, i don't want to feel it again, i've purged it. it's out and gone. like johnny depp says, "once i've done my job, it's really none of my business". of course, he was referring to making movies, but i think it fits here.

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