Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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chance of showers in the mountains

the other day while i was on the phone with kelli she was in the middle of a rain storm. she held the phone up to the rain so i could hear the fabulous sound. i love kelli. she's my hero. the week i had to go to the doctor in 106 degree heat, she sent me pictures of her place after a two foot snowfall. snow from a distance is delicious. plus she talks me down off a ledge at least once a week, sometimes less. all she has to do is talk to me about her day and her nieces and nephews and what is happening on tv and i'm fine, she distracts me. sometimes she doesn't even know she's doing it.

i'm still in a good mood, riding the high of time spent with doc. he's being so nice to me. it's surprising after more than a year of complete indifference. i'm working on being better still, i won't give that up. maybe he just needs to see me trying. that's what's working now, i think. and i try not to think about it too much, i could drive myself crazy. and i'm not up for that.

i think i want a cup of coffee. or maybe grape powerade. i can't decide. i'll decide once i stand up.

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