Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i went out alone two days in a row! i went to the corner store. doc needed cigarettes and i wanted powerade so i walked up there. it was 106 out but the sun was behind clouds both days and it was breezy both days. so it didn't feel so hot and it's a flat walk. anyone who tells you that vegas is flat hasn't walked it much. it doesn't have to be a big hill to be a pain in the ass on foot.

it was terrifying, i will admit that. the hallucinations i have almost constantly are okay here in the apartment. i know what's here, what moves, what's what. not so true outside where there is a lot more sensory input, especially visual. i'm not sure what is supposed to be moving and what isn't and what is real and what isn't. i did it, though and it wasn't so bad the first day that i didn't go the second. i'm not making a regular thing of it though. powerade isn't all that good for me, though i'm sure the walk is.

i also went for a walk today around the apartment complex. i wanted to get some sunlight.

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