Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

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hours stretch out

all day the hours have stretched out in front of me. taunting me with their length and need to fill. now i have no idea what i watched today or did today at all. i've lost the whole day.

i'm alone in the apartment, something i'm not all that comfortable with at night. no real reason, i just stress the fuck out. i wish there was a tv working in my room because i would just lock myself in there and feel safer. but i can't spend the next three and a half hours without the tv. sad, but true, it is my best most constant companion.

i talked to doc about what i've been feeling and how things are spinning out of control. he had no response, except that he knew i was keeping something from him. no reassurances, just a roll of the eyes. i even told him i'd been hiding symptoms so i could convince him i'm recovering and not sick anymore. so he would love me again. because in my mind that's how things work. but not in the real world and i felt i owed him some kind of warning. it was before work so there's not a lot i could expect from him in the way of big reactions, he had just woken up.

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