Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers


i've run out of anti psychotics while waiting for the order to arrive. i ran out of sleeping meds night before last. i'm relying on an OTC sleep med, which seems to have done nicely last night. i didn't get out of bed until after eleven this morning.

today i feel relaxed, lazy, content and and . . . i guess that's it for identifiable feelings. it's a good day.

it's back into the 90s today, so i had to take the dreaded board out of the door, which is considerably easier than putting it in. which i will be doing in several hours once the temp drops. did i mention i hate the board? i'm trying to become zen with it, not fight it. it takes me much less time to situate it than it did in the beginning, though i did have a spot of trouble with it last night. it worked itself out before my patience wore away, so it's not so bad, the reality of it. but the idea of it gets my billygoat.

it looks like doc got home and went straight to bed this morning. he got me food at del taco, so i just had a burrito for breakfast. i love nibbly treats. he brings home food occasionally and it sends me away. it's just a nice gesture that i don't get from him often. and it's the only caring he shows outwardly. though i know everything he does he does because he cares about me. he says it's just duty, but i don't believe him. i think he's mean so i'll love him less. which will work in the long term, he's right about that, but it's glacial. it's happening slowly, oh so slowly. i don't know, the whole situation just confuses me and i'd rather not think about it right now, i'm having a good day.

and i hope you're having a good day, too.

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