Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

i made it to the doctor!

i took an earlier bus, so when i got off at the wrong stop i had plenty of time to walk the half mile back to where i needed to be. my next appointment is in september. once it's started to cool down. watch, we'll have triple digits that week in september and break all sorts of records. hee.

my appointment went well. it was decided that the risperdone was not taking away all of my psychotic symptoms, i still have issues with paranoia and voices and hallucinations, but it doesn't happen often and when the voices get loud and dangerous, doc stays home with me. however, the symptoms are manageable and i have no desire to try another antipsychotic. i can't afford the one i want, like my doctor said, no one can at the price the pharma company is charging for it. in a couple of years when it is no longer the new thing on the market, it will be affordable to the common crazy, like me. so we decided, well, he decided, not to change anything with my drug therapy.

i got myself a gatorade while i was out. it's a special treat for me. i'm drinking it now and burning incense and being zen and ignoring my list of chores. so i'll have something to do tomorrow when i get up.

i had to stop and rest after a hill on the way home. i rested last time, too, but this time i went under the overpass and sat down and caught my breath.

it's almost time for glee, so i'm going to close this out.

have a great night!

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