Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another week gone

looking back, it seems to have flown by but i definitely remember some parts that dragged out.

i'm still super house cleaner and i have added daily walks around and up and through the complex. soon i may actually be able to go to the neighborhood across the street to walk around.

it's nice out, mild, below average temps, but sunny. yesterday it was overcast all day, a nice day to walk in, though it was chilly. i took a 20 minute walk yesterday and a 10 minute one today. i was winded when i got home, so i know i was walking fast. usually i try to keep my pace slow by counting to four over and over again.

felix has stopped hanging off the balcony wall, much to my relief. he's generally an all around good cat. still jumps up on the counters from time to time, but gets down when he gets hissed at. he actually went after a frozen steak doc left out to thaw. he never got through the plastic though, he must not have been trying hard enough. he also got out this weekend, off the balcony sometime at night. he spent about 24 hours away from home. once i noticed and searched the apartment to no avail, i went out with a flashlight and looked around. i met a nice girl from across the way who is out a lot with her cat and it was her that noticed felix on the porch a couple of hours later and came and knocked on the door. he bolted in as soon as i opened the door. i thanked her profusely. he's been very in my sights, and very clingy, jumping up on my lap multiple times a day.

i am so weary, i've been tired since i got up and i just had a cup of coffee that seems to be doing nothing but mocking my empty stomach. i still want to just lay down and doze. maybe i will. usually i try to hold out until after 6pm to doze/sleep on the couch, but today, at half past four, i'm ready to pass out. i've done my list of stuff, and some extra besides, i have nothing else to do and M isn't home. so i'm on my own with sleeping cats, this is like their four am. i'm with them on this one. i napped until doc came home last night, in spite of M trying to wake me up for wrestling. then we had a fire and i stayed up until 1:30. then i got up at 8:30 to make doc coffee and get him up in time for work. i know i got enough sleep yesterday/last night, but i feel like i'm lacking.

now i'm just rambling on about the most boring of stuff, aren't i? i'll stop this now and let you get on to your next friend's entry. have a great weekend.

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