Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

chance of rain

it was in the 80s yesterday, today it's in the 60s. with a chance of rain, that in no way reflects my mood.

i'm still working on staying busy all day instead of just sitting. it's going well. i still spend time sitting on the couch and watching or ignoring the tv, but i try to get up at least once an hour to do something to clean or tidy or accomplish. i made a bracelet over the weekend. my first new thing in almost a year, maybe more. today i'm going to try to get some photographs and list a few things on etsy. it's important to remember to do it while i have the light. flash and my jewelry don't get along so well for some reason.

today i woke up at 7 and put my alarm clock on my pillow, but forgot to turn it on. luckily someone called for M at 10 and woke me up so i could get the coffee made and get doc up and around. i was really freaked but it all worked out and he didn't notice the difference. i love it when i wake up early and can actually fall back to sleep. it made today a good morning and started things off well-ish. except for the freaked thing, but i take my meds when i get up and the xanax chilled me out.

i'm actually on the big computer today and not the laptop. i needed to get off the couch, i only have so much to do today and i'm trying to stretch it out so getting my ass to the desk to use the computer seemed like a grand idea. plus it let me catch up with harvesting in farmville. i only use facebook to play with that, i just couldn't get into the posting thing. same with twitter, i don't use that at all. i'd still rather ramble on here to a limited audience than condense my thoughts to an even more limited one.

i think i'll go read my friend page now.

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