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yesterday M and i went to see john morrison, a professional wrestler who was in town for the taping of a show last night. we waited in the sun for not so long, but long enough to sunburn my face. it looks funny. it's just strange to see color on my face. my nose is particularly red. i'm rudolf the red nosed shut in. hee.

i've been keeping myself busy by being suzy homemaker and cleaning the house every day. yesterday i expanded my chores by taking garbage up to the dumpster. i was feeling quite brave after my outing.

maintenance finally came, of course, because i was able to leave the house yesterday. and i've been sleeping in until 8:30. today i'm waiting for a call from the office about replacing the sink in the bathroom. then i'll have to wait for maintenance again. i can't wait until this place is fixed up a bit so i'm not waiting all the time.

things continue to go well. we've cut back on groceries and are starting to save some money. we also stopped getting take out once a week. i'm not sure where the rest of the savings is coming from, doc is mostly in charge of money. he pays the bills and i take the rent check up to the office when it's due.

that's all i have to say, i suppose. i hope everyone is doing well. i haven't been reading my friend page lately. i haven't spent much time on the computer at all. i turn on the desktop occasionally to play farmville on facebook, but other than that i don't do much computing. things will shift soon and i'm sure i'll be on the machine all of the time again.

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