Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

what if candy bars really did float away?

this morning was gorgeous. doc and i sat together and laughed with each other. i know i'm desperately grasping at anything positive that i can, but it felt really good to hang out and laugh with him.

i took my nap late last night, around 9:30 and when doc came home, he turned the light out for me (i nap with the light on). my alarm went off shortly after that so i got up. greeted doc, took my meds and gathered up felix and went right back to bed. i'm still sleepy, though i slept for 13 hours.

it helps when i keep up on the housework and make his return home as painless as possible. make sure he can sit down and relax instead of cleaning up after what i haven't done. i've never been good at housework. i'm not the wifely type. that's something i am working on changing. it's all part of being more responsible and adult. great thing to learn at my age. better late than blah blah blah.

M and doc have talked me into believing that felix wants to be chased by tech. though tech tends to get rough in the corners at times and felix has little claw mark scabs on his nose. they also say the whole thing is felix's fault because he growls and hisses at tech and that sets tech off. okay, granted, but i still don't like it. i guess they have to work things out for themselves. the big plus is that tech used to bully leeloo for the same reason, she's old, she's a psycho bitch to begin with, and tech loved to egg her on. now he doesn't hassle her anymore.

that's my life, in the shell of a nut. my best friends are cats. i am a cat lady. at least i don't breed them or hoard and i clean up after them. but for all intents and purposes i am a cat lady. meow.

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