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back it up

two weeks ago, doc wrenched his back, but he didn't know how he did it. several days of not moving much and a constant heating pad and now he's better. then, a few nights ago i wrenched my back in my sleep and have been worthless ever since. doc wonders if it isn't sympathy pain. i wonder if it's conversion syndrome where my mind makes stuff up for my body to feel. either way i would give anything for a cane to lean on for the side of my back that hurts the most, the pain goes shooting down my right leg. all i can think is that in a week this will be over. for now, not even my sleep cocktail of pills keeps me asleep through the night because every time i move i cry, and i move a lot in my sleep. it will all be over in a week. two at the outside. just a memory, and a lesson learned: do not sleep on my stomach.

it's 53 degrees out and overcast. low to nil winds, we've got the sliding glass door open for the fresh air. the cats don't seem as confused. when it's cold they go out and get cold then come in and get warm and it goes in a cycle, in and out, especially with felix.

i caught felix hanging from the wall around the corner from our balcony cut off (the walls are a very rough stucco and his claws, though clipped, are still strong and sharp). now we definitely know how he gets out, he falls off the balcony, or an adjoining wall. and he knows to come around and up to our door and meow until we hear him and let him in. dare i say he's clever? whatever he is, he's all mine. doc keeps telling him he's not his daddy. i asked why and doc said he was like the red headed step child. fair enough, felix only bothers to bond with me, those hours spent in the bathroom when he first got here must have left an impression. felix also doesn't like males, so that's hard to overcome. doc makes an effort with him, but felix favors me and me alone. he sleeps in the bed next to me, even when i'm just napping. he gets up into my lap when i'm not smoking a cigarette, and lays down, no matter what sort of position my legs are in. i love that cat. he's no bubby, henry. he's a great cat and he loves me and pays attention to me when the rest of the cats in the house ignore me, how can i not love him back?
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