Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

merry merry happy happy

merry paid day off! (celebrated at my house)
merry christmas!
merry friday!!

i was wrong about how i'd feel today. i am absolutely filled with happiness and well wishes, i even think i can take on doc's fuck the holiday mood he will undoubtedly wake up with. for now he sleeps and i sip gourmet coffee.

the weirdest thing has happened in the cat politics: max, the shyest, most reserved has claimed felix as her arch enemy. leeloo tolerates him, as she does the rest of us, and tech and felix still don't get along, but most shocking is the max. every time she sees him she chases him, if she corners him, she slaps him mercilessly. and this is the cat that only emerges from M's room to use the box and eat, now she's around a lot.

i have carpeting to clean, there was apparently a vomit festival here last night with the cats and i'm in line of sight of it, so it's nagging me and calling to me. "clean me up" it whispers ethereally to me over and over again. to the job! i'll turn on my definitive xmas CD i made years ago and work to it, heh.

have a great day, everyone!
Tags: xmas

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