Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

"associates healthy food with boring food"

i haven't had much to say. i've been keeping myself busy and the laptop as well as the desktop are off most of the time.

i had to uninstall all chat programs on the laptop to try to make it run faster. it didn't work. i may put trillian back on. i want to be able to communicate with people. i need more friends in my area. i need to communicate with humans, period. i isolate completely from society and i want that to change. i only talk to doc and M and it's because i live with them.

i occurred to me last night that i can't go back to live spoken word. with my tooth appliance in, i can't talk right. i have a severe lisp and my mouth sounds like it's full of cake. that was kind of a bummer to realize. i can still do it over the web because then i don't have to have my partial in, it doesn't matter what i look like. maybe when i get one that fits better. i hope our dental coverage stays the same. i haven't heard from doc about what else changed, besides mental health. i guess we'll get something in the mail about it, we usually do.

i found out that leonard Loves catnip. i lured him out from behind the bed with it the other day. he tries to sneak into the bedroom sometimes when we walk in. for me he stays out in the open, if it's doc, he runs for behind the bed. he really goes nuts for it, the other cats like it, but he's out of control with it. he's still fighting with tech, but he comes out into the living room and lays down in the evening. during the day we can't keep him off the balcony. and then he sleeps on my worktable. so cute.
Tags: cats, ramble, social, spoken word

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