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must have coffee

i gave up my coffee habit a while ago. doc has been having me take one cup or two a day to wake me up. on days like this, where i slept 11 hours, i need the coffee. i've been up for an hour and have to say i feel much better than when i woke up, panic attack notwithstanding. i've taken my meds. and i've made lemonade to go into one of the green coke glasses i bought at the dollar store yesterday. getting up and making it and the coffee made me feel quite better.

leonard and jack are playing pounce. the pitter patter of heavy cat feet must drive my neighbors downstairs crazy.

i just want to chain smoke and wake up. i have a kitchen to tidy, that will make me feel better. any time i get up and do stuff i feel better. i could also vacuum, just for the fur of it. yes, i said fur. the cats give it off like nobody's business. i may also brush leonard today.

i just hope i feel better with the coffee. right now i feel like warmed over shit. i've stopped coughing (smoke too much), and that's something.
Tags: ramble, whiny little bitch

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