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naked friday

the dishwasher is clean
we have all we need for home made mac and cheese
the day is cool
i have enough cigarettes
the water is chilled and filtered
the fridge is full
come this weekend, rent will be paid
only one challenge
get lynyrd going in the outside litter box
this involves locking he and jack outside on the balcony
jack to calm lynyrd down a bit
they adore each other
jack finally has his henry back
as far as he's concerned,
that is all life was lacking
he has another boy to play pounce with
more fun than the older girls
and the aggro tech

i took stock of my beads yesterday
and put many that were in bags or in tins
into empty pill bottles
some of the bottles i get are pretty big
i think i have one more small box,
but that is mostly projects sorted out
just not done, waiting for me
and i have another box for those
i think i will be able to knock a box
out of the process and i also
have my tools and cord in a clear shoebox
all my tools together is a calming thing
most of it fits oddly into a milk crate
easier to take out and work with
i needed four boxes open in front of me
no more, now just two
one small one for findings (connectors and such)
and the projects box.
much easier to work that way
it was doc's idea for me to do that yesterday
so i guess i'll finish it today

i want to organize the balcony
and vacuum it with the shop vac
so i may be out with lynyrd while he does his lesson
on being outside and not being afraid
and using the freaking litter box
he crapped on doc's blanket yesterday
bit of laundry to do
now i'm trying to find him before pee time
he hides behind the bed, i can't reach him
but he feels really safe back there

i think that's all, i could and would ramble on all day but then no one, including me, would read all the way through it. and that one bead box left is calling to me. something else completed, i like that. i suddenly care again. it feels really good. i feel again, shit. hooray for not being a zombie anymore!

have a great day, it's friday after all.
Tags: cats, good things, jewelry

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