Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

when the day starts out this way there is no other way to feel than giddy

doc has been up since nine. i've been up since eight. it has been a nice morning. we got some paperwork done and watched a marathon of Top Gear, the best car show on tv. of course it's on BBC America. i love this show. i don't know that i'm learning anything about cars, but it's damn entertaining.

i've just gotten out of the shower and i feel on top of the world. my usual detangler for my naturally curly hair was unavailable, so doc got something for kids. and it works much better than the adult version. plus it smells of green apples. my favorite scent.

lynyrd has started using the cat box. we'll see what happens when we move it back to where it belongs in the entryway, but i'm feeling positive. he's adjusting well, he owns my bedroom and i can go in there at any time and call him and if he's not out, he will meow at me to let me know where he is hiding. i love this cat. it's been hell getting him here, but totally worth it. i hope the owner never comes back for him. i've changed my mind on filling the void henry left with lynyrd. he's a great cat and loves me best. what isn't to love?

i saw my shrink yesterday and things are going well. no med changes. i think we've found the right combination of pills that keep me happy and not seeing things that aren't there or hearing things that don't happen. plus i think he talks to my therapist about what's going on in my life. which helps things out a lot.

i'm going to go now and smell my hair for a while. doc is getting ready for work and i have the couch to myself. love that.

everyone have a great day, really, make it great, even if in just one small area. ttfn!
Tags: cats, meds

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