Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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kids are happily yelling outside

lynyrd has been hiding in a new place all day. he comes out at night to eat. as of tomorrow, he will have to put a potty break with that. the litter box is coming out of the bathroom! *happydanceofjoy* he knows where the litter box is out here, he can start using it. i can't stand the dirtiness of the litter box in the bathroom any more. i don't know how doc showers in there every day. i guess it's easier after i clean it up every morning before he gets up. if the cat is going to stay, which it looks like it is, it is time to assimilate fully. he can still sleep in the cabinet, i don't mind that. two litter boxes to clean and keep up after is enough. as often as we clean them, two is enough.

enough litter talk. kam316 sent me pictures of her new paintings. as usual, they are brilliant. she's into a whole floral phase using tissue paper and other papers and paint that is gorgeous. i'm so glad she's painting again and her work is wonderful as usual. maybe i can get her to post some in her journal, i would be presuming too much to post what she emailed me.

i hope lynyrd kitty's mum does come back and get him. i love him, but i don't want four cats. i had four cats and one of them died and i'm not ready to replace him. i suppose anything is possible and i could grow to love him enough, he doesn't seem to need much, and is grateful for what he gets. technically, he's M's, but considering tech's response to lynyrd, i don't think that's happening. but whatever, as long as we're all living together, it all evens out.

my mood has been good. not good enough to take pictures of what i need to or to make any jewelry, but really good. the cramps are not so bad and i plan to take something for them tomorrow and maybe get rid of them. in the mean time, tylenol handles the pain, i don't need pain pills for it, which is cool. i only have one left. but feeling cheery, i think i've found meds that work for me. i've said that before, but then, i didn't have doc's stamp of approval. this time i do. he's happy with the way i am, as well. the house is clean. the filing still needs to be done, and maybe this weekend it will get done, it's a thing doc and i have to do together.

i think it's time for my nap, or for me to find something to clean. i could go eliminate the litter box and then take a shower. that would work. i'm not feeling very sleepy.
Tags: cats, mood, ramble

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