Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
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a month or two ago someone used my twitter account to post a spam message. it must have been reported immediately because my account has been suspended ever since. i just sent off an email to twitter about maybe unsuspending it so i can use it again. i had barely gotten into twitter when this happened, i hadn't even figured out how to post tweets to lj. i hadn't even figured out how twitter worked, aside from making posts. so i'm missing this technological wonder in my life.

on the gorgeous side of things, breakfast was a dream. two over easy eggs, and a sourdough english muffin toasted, buttered and topped with paper thin slices of red onion and slices of cheddar cheese. that's going to be a staple in my diet. i love red onion. i wonder if M will mind if i put them in the mac and cheese i plan to make later this week, maybe tonight.

i also have ground beef to make meatballs and spaghetti. though M is sicilian, so he's got a high standard for pasta. if he's hungry, he'll eat it. i can use the rest of my flat garlic infused bread to make garlic cheese bread to go with it. i'll enjoy it. home made meatballs. i need to check the cupboards for bread crumbs, i'm fairly sure we have them, though i have bread ends and can always make them with my stick blender. then i can season them myself. i like that idea better.

i could condense all this shit and twitter it if i could twitter. i could get another account, but i'm pretty much married to my "cydniey" user name. as one could well understand.

today i plan to tackle my dresser, which has only been used in theory since i stuffed it full of thin clothes. clothes i may get to wear again, since i've started losing weight since i started eating again. i've been eating healthier. which reminds me, i have loads of lentils, i should make a red lentil curry. maybe this weekend. i also have salmon in the freezer and a big bunch of chicken thighs and legs i plan to fry.

so much stuff, now that i've completely woken up. argh. another klonopin to stop my head spinning off my body.
Tags: cooking

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