Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

" collection of criminally minded"

ups woke us up today
we thought it was maintenance
and totally freaked
the ashtrays weren't put away
see, the lease says
"no smoking on the premises"
and we don't know if it applies
to our apartments
or just outside on the grounds
so just to keep it simple, we
keep the ashtrays put away
and the smokes
and any incriminating evidence
(the lease has a drug free clause as well, i feel like i'm living in salt lake city)
when maintenance is coming over
they have to call here first
but monday there was a leak
next door, so they came busting over
and freaked us out
i stalled at the door
they had to go into the bathroom
where new kitty
illegal kitty lives

new kitty freaked out on Tech
still strong, just damn lazy
i need to go in with the chicken
see if i can get him to eat
he peed again, and i was there
it didn't seem painful
and it was plentiful
so he's still drinking enough
though i knew he was drinking
because his water dish has
fur floating on top
i had to clean it again today
doc brushed him last night
and he (mr. kitty, not doc)
seemed to like it
though doc said he didn't purr
and that tells me something
purring is said to be a social thing
and i know from experience
that even a sic cat will purr
while it's getting help
and new cat isn't purring
so he's not feeling social
and why should he?
he moved
he changed owners
he's now surrounded by cats
and he lives in a cupboard
on a bag full of bags
i'd be anti social, too
though he always perks up
when i go in and pet him
he even comes out and
checks out his food
i wish he'd eat, already
he can't live on people food
i won't allow it, he won't
get his nutrients and such

speaking of pets,
sasha the hamster is doing well
she still bites like hell
but she is active and healthy
and getting bigger and bigger

i'm tired of hearing about
the carter racism comment
if you don't know about it
just go to a news outlet of your choice
i should be glad it's a slow news day
and i am, but still, the carter thing
is just beating a dead horse

i'm done

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