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we have this cat
a friend of M's needed to unload this cat because she is moving. but the cat is from a home where it is the only cat. and it is not adjusting well. it has human skills, it's wonderful with doc and i. it is living in our bathroom. but it won't eat or drink and hasn't gone to the bathroom for three days. and i'm worried it is going to get sick. like henry sick. huge vet bills and wasting away kitty. i don't think it can live here. i don't think it's healthy for the cat. i adore it and wish it would come out and just fight it out with the other cats. on the other hand, it's too many cats here now. i don't know what to do. the best thing for the cat would be to go back home to its owner, which is an impossible situation, but maybe she needs to take it to a shelter. it's so gentle and loving that it would have a good chance at finding a home. but this isn't the home for it. he sleeps all day and all night, only waking up when doc and i go into the cupboard that it is staying in and pet it. M is doing nothing for it. just ignoring it and keeping it out of his room.

in so many ways, this is just another thing in my life that i don't know what to do about. M doesn't seem to be listening to us about the cat getting sick. he doesn't want to deal. i get that. but the cat is going to die in my bathroom if it doesn't drink some water soon. and more so if it doesn't eat. i can't deal with another cat with fatty liver disease. i just can't. and i don't think it's fair that i have to deal with this. i don't think it's fair that just because i have the free time and i love cats that i'm the only one left to handle things. i don't know if i should force feed it or let it go. but i don't want to be blamed for letting someone else's cat die.

why does this shit happen to me?

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