Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

this is really it, forget what i said

i went to the dentist yesterday and had him fix what he could. too much fixing and i would lose a clip and have to use a denture cream. i balked at that and let him do the small cosmetic change. my two front teeth no longer look huge, they blend in with the others. they are still crooked a bit, but most of my teeth are.

on the way home i stepped on the curb wrong and twisted my fucking ankle again. i was wearing my doc marten boots, so the damage wasn't that bad. i'm glad i wasn't wearing my tennis shoes, or it would have been worse. i still feel like a gimp. i blame it on the headache. soon the headache will stop.

i think we have a new kitty coming to live with us. a friend of M's is moving and needs a cat sitter for a few weeks. it's all M's deal. i don't expect my cats to like it any more than they like M's cats. jack likes them, he's still young, but leeloo and chloe are in their teens now and don't like new things. with the exception of a clean litter box, that they love. they like doc and i and quiet laying about on furniture. chloe is getting more frail each week. we love on her and dote on her while she's still around. morbid, yes, but not making the same mistake we made with henry, assuming he would always be around. i'll never make that mistake again, it's still a spike in my heart. i won't make the same assumptions with the girls. any love they want, they get. no matter what i'm doing, i stop and pay attention to them.

enough sadness and potential mourning. they live now and that is something to be happy about.
Tags: chloe, leeloo, teeth

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