Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

we want the decedents of this world

i took my last geodon yesterday. i'm quitting it because it is too expensive and redundant with my other meds. but coming off of it is a bitch. i've come off it before and suffered greatly. the timing is right, the other withdrawal symptoms have just about faded. i still have a running headache. i've had it for days and it isn't letting off, but that's part of the geodon withdrawal, too. as well as the constant ringing in my ears that increases with every heartbeat. blah.

i got up early to watch the Torchwood: Children of Earth marathon on BBC America. i knew it would be on early so i could watch it without the noise and distraction of the boys. also without bothering them with it, they've seen it twice now. i just wanted to see it uninterrupted. so when i woke up at 8 (first night on ambien, 8 hours and i wake right up, i've taken it before) i was pretty happy i'd get to watch it. so i'm sitting here drinking arizona raspberry tea and chain smoking. my favorite activities of late.

okay, back to the marathon. have a great day, and to my friends in america, have a great holiday.
Tags: bbc, meds

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