Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

it goes on, but promises to stop

i feel better today, but then i've taken half a lortab. i started hoarding it when the dentist refused to give me more. i find it helps with the muscle pain. my head feels content on my neck today. i want to sleep. but i'm waiting for maintenance to call and come by. i've a feeling they won't be here today and i'm going to sit up here in misery.

ooh, not complete misery, M has something for us to watch in 20 minutes.

he keeps me fed with burritos and entertained with movies and wrestling documentaries. makes me forget how much i feel like dying. this will get better.

it will be gone in a few days. the one i am stressing about is the geodon. i've come off of it a few times and it sucks. i've been taking a reduced dose to wean myself off of them, but in two days i run out and that will be a bad time.

in good news, the new anti psychotic seems to be working. the doctor increased it and it seems to be agreeing with me. the hallucinations and voices are fading. i'm very happy about that.
Tags: head case, meds

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