Cydniey Buffers (cydniey) wrote,
Cydniey Buffers

another fine collectible

the above link will take you to the list of side effects
of the new medication my new shrink put me on
i started it today and so far so good
today has been a little weird, but then
what day isn't

i guess on this i may get my
period back, since that and weight gain
are the only side effects i'll
likely get, because i'm a pessimist
and because i've really enjoyed
not having my period
i mean really enjoyed it
it's a fucking curse that i've
never come to terms with

we have an excessive heat warning
today and one for tomorrow
ick for doc who is on his bike
i can't wait to get a car
neither can he.

the hamster named sasha
seems to have doubled in size
since we brought her home
i've been handling her every other day so
she gets less bitey
she's too small to be put in her
running ball for time with the cats

i'll finish this now
for it is hard as hell to
type with these long ass
fingernails but i like them
they make my fingers look
okay enough
Tags: hamsters, meds

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